Diagnosed….Now what?

There is so much information and so many things recommended for you to buy to help your child. Each specialist you see while you are getting through the whole diagnosis part of it all, will add to this list. It is not only overwhelming as the parent of a newly diagnosed child, but WOW does it leave your bank account screaming and crying, “OH PLEASE NO!!!!!”. Your brain is looking at the prices of these items and going “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!”. Your heart is like “JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!!”

This is only a partial list of what we have been recommended to so far.

  • Weighted blankets and or lap pads
  • Compression jackets
  • Compression vests
  • Compression shirts
  • Daily charts
  • Large bean bag type chair
  • Liquid timers
  • Books and or audio books
  • Various sensory toys designed to help stimulate
  • Sensory jewelry
  • I do, You do charts
  • Trampolines
  • Floor Mats
  • Ball Pits
  • Board games
  • Certain art supplies

I contacted our insurance company and asked if any of the items that are being HEAVILY suggested would be covered.

  • The doctor would have to write a prescription for the EXACT item needed.
  • We would have to submit the claim to the insurance company with that EXACT code for the item (if it actually exists).
  • It would then be submitted and would POSSIBLY be covered. (This was all hypothetical of course.)
  • If it was not covered then we would have to decide if we were willing to pay for the item out of pocket ourselves.

After getting off of the phone with the insurance company, I was left defeated. I took a moment and let the tears stream down my face. I allowed the frustration and overwhelming feelings of helplessness to flood me, but only for a moment.

Here we are, freshly diagnosed and I am holding a list of things that are supposed to help me and my child. Yet, no one can give me any kind of guarantees on their effectiveness or how we were supposed to pay for any of it, but I am supposed to find the ways to do it anyway. I realized it was time to dry my tears. Time to take several deep breathes. Time to think out of the box. Way out of the box if need be. I was NOT going to let my child fall through the cracks of autism so to speak. I am her voice, her rock, her advocate….

So it begins…..

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