The Epic Battle

We recently took Reine to Toys R Us to go use gift cards she received for Xmas. This was the ultimate test for her with the music therapy. Every trip to Toys R Us has always ended with her in tears and me close to it after multiple meltdowns prompting us to leave the store as quickly as possible. Sometimes abandoning our cart in an aisle, leading to more meltdowns and feelings of being an inadequate parent.

This trip was different. We navigated many aisles as we scoped out the My Little Ponies, Mermaids, kitchen fun, bowling sets, and so much more.


We only had one meltdown which we were able to figure out and quickly reverse. Reine loves to dress up as a doctor. It started when she used to be obsessed with the show Doc Mcstuffins. She had the lab coat and sparkly doctor bag from the show. Although her obsession with the Doc has long since passed, her love of being a doc has not. Over the years her doc kit has grown with her. Unfortunately, her Doc Mcstuffins coat has not. Although it is at least 2 sizes too small, she refuses to give it up. Her logic is that without the coat she can not be a doc. One of the reasons for our trip to Toys R Us was to check out their doc dress up. We had her try on a doc jacket that was part of a set with green scrubs. This is where the meltdown occurred. She freaked out in the store. Why? She saw a pic of the same doc set but with a pink set of scrubs. Although the pink set was not able to be purchased in store, it was able to be ordered while we were in the store and shipped directly to our house. The pics of the doc dress up are from Toys R Us’s website.

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A couple of aisles away from the doc sets there lived an aisle of dinosaurs, GINORMOUS spiders, great whites, two headed dragons, and crocodiles to name a few. It is in this aisle that a great and epic battle took place. It lasted for over 30 minutes.  There was gnashing, gnawing, colliding, and strategic battle scenes being replayed over and over again. Momma dinosaurs coming the rescue of their little ones that fought so bravely against their attackers. The two headed dragon fought against insurmountable odds and barely escaped with it’s life. Although there was no clear cut winner of this epic battle and no true truce was signed, there was a verbal promise that we would return soon and the battle would continue in their new home with Reine. She asked her big sis to gently put the animals back on the shelves as she waved good bye to them and walked away.  We did buy their babies that came in tubes. These are great as they can go into the bath where their “Mommy and Daddies” can not.
So for now, we are caring for them and awaiting our return to claim the earlier generations.

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