Dr. Reine Will See You Now

When it comes to dress up with Reine, it is an all or nothing approach with her. For the longest time she was “Jake” the pirate from Jake and the Neverland Pirates TV show. We were all given character names she choose for us based on the TV show. Then came the Octonauts and mermaids from H2O (an Aussie mermaid series on Netflix). Somewhere in all of this she became Doc McStuffins. While she outgrew Doc McStuffins, she did not outgrow the LOVE of being a doctor.

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 When Reine decides to be a character, she IS that character. Those lucky enough to be in her inner world are all cast as characters in her scripted play. Seriously, we are told what to say, when to say it, and how to respond.

Recently, we decided to spend a week and immerse ourselves in the world of Dr Reine. She spent 3 whole days in this dress up costume before I could get it off of her. It was washed gently (and very quickly) and returned to her to wear for another 3 days. Anyway, here are the highlights of our week with Dr. Reine…..


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Seaside Wellness Center is now officially open 7 days a week for business. Walk-ins are welcome, although Dr. Reine is known to be away from her clinic for periodic dance breaks, playtimes, homeschooling, wreaking of general chaos and havoc, and of course swimming with her mermaid friends.

Although Dr. Reine specializes in Mermaids, Humboldt Squids, Dolphins, Seahorses, Octopi, and Sea Turtles, she will never turn anyone away that needs attention and care.

No money? It’s ok, Dr. Reine accepts many unique forms of payments including….

  • Hugs
  • Kisses
  • Snuggling
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Gifts of all forms

Seaside Wellness Center offers many amenities including…..

  • A comfortable waiting area with enough room for all that need to be seen.
  • State of the art Xrays (printed and laminated to always keep them smudge free and safe).
  • A wide variety of patient forms for anyone stuffed, made of plastic, and even for real live humans.
  • Written prescriptions if needed.
  • Free Eye exams.

Hope to see you soon!!

And Don’t Forget Our Motto…..

May You Always Be Living Free and In The Wild!

2 thoughts on “Dr. Reine Will See You Now

  1. Dear Dr Reine,
    I wish l lived closer so l could get an appointment with renowned Dr Reine to see if she thinks Grandma will be able to walk without a walker again & work her magic to stop my toes from curling. I’ve heard very good things about Dr Reine & she is very colorful, warm, and very good at what she does. She’s also a great dresser !!!!!! I look forward to your response.
    Love you Dr Reine,

    • Dear Grandma,
      Please let me know when you are able to visit and I will make sure you have an apt to see me ASAP. I am not allowed to make house calls because Mommy says NO, I am too little to drive her truck. Anyway, I decided we should turn you into a mermaid and then you do not have to worry about walking or your toes anymore. Let me know what you think.
      Dr. Reine

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