Mermaid Sensory Blanket

My Mom In Law, is an AMAZING seamstress and quilter. She surprised us this weekend with a busy sensory quilt for our amazing little autistic mermaid, unlike anything I have ever seen before. The amount of time, planning, creativeness, thought, talent, and love that went into this quilt is undeniable. I can not thank her enough for taking the time to create this one of a kind incredible quilt.

The quilt as a whole, is made with an underwater scene that anyone that is obsessed with mermaids can’t help but love. The back of the quilt is a maroon corduroy material. This will help with both durability and stains as well as giving yet another texture for our sensory seeker. The front of the quilt has pockets in different materials, sizes, and shapes. Each pocket has a different closure, such as velcro, snaps, buckles, or zippers. Everything on the quilt is secured with satin type ribbons that allow for easy detangling. And yes, Reine has already spent time some time untangling the ribbons. She has also twisted, “braided” and wrapped the ribbons into patterns. There is even a ruler for her measure things with on the quilt. One of the mermaids had to be replaced almost immediately as her tail was only held on by two tiny plastic nubs which broke off. Reine willingly donated a brand new “baby” mermaid from her collection to the quilt.

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Watching Reine explore all the pockets and things hidden throughout the quilt was truly priceless! Her smile and expressions say it all. I have decided that this quilt will stay in my truck for Reine to play with. We are often traveling to doctor appointments, waiting for her oldest sister to finish up at school or work, and there are times when Reine is not able to go into stores because she just way over stimulated. This will help her to wait patiently and love every minute of it.

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