Vehicle Safety – Small Businesses Part 2

We never want to think about getting into a car wreck or any kind of situation where First Responders will have to come to your vehicle in an emergency. But when you have a child with autism you have to plan for every contingency. This is one of those times when it can help both the child and the First Responders save time and possibly their lives.

I asked one of our local firemen about the stickers put on vehicles that say “Child With Autism aboard” and whether or not they pay attention to them when there is an emergency that they are responding to. I was told it is mixed. Some first responders do not pay attention to these type of stickers at all because they can be outdated (meaning the vehicle was sold to a new owner that did not bother to take the sticker off) especially if they are faded, partially torn, or worn looking. Others will pay attention to them in a heartbeat. He was in no way implying not to use the “Autism child on board” type stickers. However, I was told to make sure to replace them when they are worn looking and that the best place to keep them is on her windows only. We also came up with the idea of using an emergency seat belt cover with Reine’s information in it and somehow adding including a place to hold current pics and “stats” so to speak. It needed to be on her seat belt only, not in the glove box or center console. He told me it would be most valuable for them to be able to grab it quickly in an emergency and read it. They could match the pics in the cover with the child in the seat and know it was her. I needed to also find a way to let them know to look at the emergency seat belt cover.

My search began. I looked commercially and could not find what I needed. Most of the emergency seat belt covers are generic. While this is better than having nothing, I knew it was not what I was looking for. I turned my search towards the one place I knew I could find what I was looking for or someone that would help me to create what I was looking for. Etsy.

Vehicle Autism Stickers:

I found a shop on Esty called MorganStreetDesign that had the perfect stickers for my truck. They are not too big. The colors are perfect and bold enough to get anyone’s attention. I placed on each side of the rear passenger windows.il_570xn-1014289087_dd2h

Emergency Seat Belt Cover:
This search was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. There were so many options but none offered what I needed. I took a chance and contacted the shop Snuggle Button to ask if they would be willing to work with me.

Our conversation went something like this…
Me: Hi, I am wondering if you are able to make one of your medical alert seat covers with a pocket on the inside similar to the one in the pic? Our local first responders want us to use one with an inner pocket that can store our daughter’s information in it. (I sent them a pic of what I was asking about).

Snuggle Button:

Yes! I can definitely make a medical alert seat belt cover with an inner pocket for you. Thank you for including a picture so I know exactly what you need!

Me: Thank you so much for working with me. I just placed my order.

And we came up with exactly what I needed and was looking for!

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Reine modeling the emergency seat belt cover. In all seriousness, she knows that this has to be on her seat belt and the information inside of it must stay there. It is comfortable for her to wear too. Gotta love sensory processing disorder.

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The Mermaid Box

So, this summer I bought Reine a limited edition mystery mermaid box from Random Fandom and we did not tell her about it until it arrived. Random Fandom is known for their mystery boxes. Her oldest sister and I stayed off of certain social media so that the contents would remain a mystery to us as well until our Mermaid was able to open it. It was well worth the wait!

Disclaimer….I did not receive this box at a special price or for free. I am not affiliated with Random Fandom in any way. I have received no compensation in any way for this post. I just wanted to share something really cool that I bought and my Mermaid LOVED!

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Homeschooling Reine

Homeschooling Reine was never a topic that was up for debate in our home. I already homeschool one of her older sisters, so we figured I would homeschool her as well. When she was diagnosed, I knew there would be some challenges but I also knew that she would thrive if given time and the correct tools.

I started her with the basics. ABC’s. 1,2,3’s, colors, and shapes. I insisted on reading 2 books each school day. I took our learning cues from her. There are some days she wants to homeschool for 10 plus hours (I am not exaggerating) while other days she is done after an hour. I am OK with this because honestly because she is learning all the time. Her favorite TV shows are Myth Busters, How It’s Made, The White Rabbit Project, Adam Ruins Everything, Odd Squad, and The Wild Kratts; just to name a few. Her computer and tablet are locked down to only educational sites and games. Even our board games are geared towards learning.

I LOVE watching her thrive…

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Routine Charts

During Reine’s OT therapy, one of the things that suggested to us was using routine charts. These are charts that basically let Reine know what is expected of her on a daily basis. It allows her to keep track of my expectations and what is coming next.

I scoured the internet for routine charts but was left unimpressed. None felt personal. The pics and the descriptions were not suited to Reine’s needs. So, I created a set for her. Reine picked out a binder at from several that we already had here.

Now, Next, and Later
I bought a Now, Next, and Later chart online from somewhere in the UK, I believe. However, the pics did not work for Reine as there was just enough of a difference in the everyday words that she could not relate to them. So, I kept the little storage envelope and the chart itself and created new pics that work much better for her. I added velcro dots to the back of the pics so that they stick to the chart with ease.

Routine Charts
Each od the routine chart represents what happens throughout our day. Reine picked out stars for her to mark off the tasks. I found them on Amazon for pretty cheap. I added velcro dots to both the charts and each star. In front of each of the routine charts, I placed a clear pencil case that I got from Walmart or Target. Each case holds the exact amount of stars for that particular page. This helps Reine to see visually how many tasks have been completed or need to be finished.

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