Routine Charts

During Reine’s OT therapy, one of the things that suggested to us was using routine charts. These are charts that basically let Reine know what is expected of her on a daily basis. It allows her to keep track of my expectations and what is coming next.

I scoured the internet for routine charts but was left unimpressed. None felt personal. The pics and the descriptions were not suited to Reine’s needs. So, I created a set for her. Reine picked out a binder at from several that we already had here.

Now, Next, and Later
I bought a Now, Next, and Later chart online from somewhere in the UK, I believe. However, the pics did not work for Reine as there was just enough of a difference in the everyday words that she could not relate to them. So, I kept the little storage envelope and the chart itself and created new pics that work much better for her. I added velcro dots to the back of the pics so that they stick to the chart with ease.

Routine Charts
Each od the routine chart represents what happens throughout our day. Reine picked out stars for her to mark off the tasks. I found them on Amazon for pretty cheap. I added velcro dots to both the charts and each star. In front of each of the routine charts, I placed a clear pencil case that I got from Walmart or Target. Each case holds the exact amount of stars for that particular page. This helps Reine to see visually how many tasks have been completed or need to be finished.

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