When Regression Means More Than You Realize

Something changed in Reine in August of 2018. It seemed to come out of nowhere. She just woke up one morning and became a completely different person.

Reine started to pee her bed at night and herself during the day. She became disoriented and “zoned out” a lot. Her ODD tendencies flared without provocation and she reverted back to where she was before behavioral therapy. She was unable to concentrate on anything homeschool related. Reine actually lost knowledge. Everything we had learned in the past year was just “gone”. She could no longer remember things like her letters, their sounds, simple addition like 1+1= 2. She was doing 4 digit addition and subtracting prior to August. Her address and phone number no longer were memorized. Her stuttering that had completely disappeared was now suddenly back with a vengeance, frustrating her even more. She began falling, running into things, and tripping over literally thin air.

Most days were spent soothing the “beast” that had seemingly possessed my Mermaid. I spent countless hours rocking out so.much.laundry. My nights were often spent with me in tears because of the long days. I was just in awe and completely thrown that this was all happening. There was no way to research what was happening to us. I know it was just as frustrating for Reine.

Then on Sept 19, 2018, Reine had had a particularly rough day. She could not sleep soundly no matter what we tried that night. I decided the best thing I could do was to just sleep with her. I told her I would stay in her bed with her until she kicked me out of her bed (she is known for literally kicking others out of her bed in her sleep). I told her that if I was not her room when she woke up that I would be in my bed. In the middle of the night, I woke up as she pushed me out of her bed. I went to the bathroom and was going to go crawl into my bed when something stopped me dead in my tracks. Call it intuition, mother’s sense, whatever you want to, but something told me to go back into your room immediately. I listened and went and laid back in her bed. Within seconds, she had a Clonic-Tonic seizure in my arms. I knew exactly what was happening because my biological mother is epileptic. I knew exactly what to do with/for Reine. I never panicked or anything like that.

I contacted our family doctor at the time, along with Reine’s ASD specialists and we began the process of having her neurologically tested. Because of an insurance switch, things were not as easy as we had hoped they would be to get the diagnosis and for treatment afterward.

Thankfully her developmental pediatrician  at Kennedy Krieger was also a neurologist and Kennedy Krieger required Reine to also see Christine (her behavioralist) immediately. We were able to get one session with Christine before the new insurance company told us that Reine’s behavioral through KKI would no longer be covered.

On October 10-11th, Reine and I were guests for an overnight EEG study through Kennedy Krieger. The testing almost did not happen because of the switching of insurance coverage. I had to get Reine fast-tracked through everything. We had to leave our family doctor of 13 years for a new doctor that had to request that Reine get the testing through KKI and continue with her developmental pediatrician for follow up. We were granted a 3-month window for this. With this granted, we were allowed to proceed with the EEG study. It was a long 2 days for us as Reine had to be sleep-deprived for 24 hours prior to the testing. That meant I was also sleep deprived.  Reine had several seizures during the testing, including with strobe lighting.

Reine was officially diagnosed with unprovoked focal epilepsy with photosensitivity seizures on October 18, 2019. An MRI was ordered along with more behavioral therapy to help us navigate everything. Medications were decided upon. Then the new insurance company stepped in and everything medical came to a screeching halt.

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