Homeschooling Reine

Homeschooling Reine was never a topic that was up for debate in our home. I already homeschool one of her older sisters, so we figured I would homeschool her as well. When she was diagnosed, I knew there would be some challenges but I also knew that she would thrive if given time and the correct tools.

I started her with the basics. ABC’s. 1,2,3’s, colors, and shapes. I insisted on reading 2 books each school day. I took our learning cues from her. There are some days she wants to homeschool for 10 plus hours (I am not exaggerating) while other days she is done after an hour. I am OK with this because honestly because she is learning all the time. Her favorite TV shows are Myth Busters, How It’s Made, The White Rabbit Project, Adam Ruins Everything, Odd Squad, and The Wild Kratts; just to name a few. Her computer and tablet are locked down to only educational sites and games. Even our board games are geared towards learning.

I LOVE watching her thrive…

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I love you

Something so small that many take for granted….

Reine has been working on learning to write her ABC’s as well as the sounds each letter makes. I am hoping that by the end of the summer, she will be ready to learn to read and to write small words and sentences. She practices everywhere. From paint brushes with water on my walls, to chalkboards, on her tablet or my phone, to on paper, or our windows and glass doors. She is practicing everywhere she can on her own.


Imagine my surprise when she was sitting next to me on her Magna doodle drawing and said “Here you go mommy.” and walked off.

Then I opened my Action Notes on cell phone to write something and found this. I have no idea when she wrote this message to me, but it brought me to tears.


Never let anyone tell you what your child is or is not capable of learning or doing. Sometimes it takes longer than you wish it would or think it should.

Never give up hope.  N. E. V. E. R.