Disney On Ice Worlds Of Fantasy

An AMAZING friend of ours called me the other day and asked me if I had plans with the family for the coming up weekend. She gifted us with 4 tickets to take Reine to see Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy. This is a HUGE luxury for us! If you follow Simplicity Redesigned you know that like most people in the world, we do a LOT of staycations. Any extra money we have right now seems to always have a place to go and it is rarely for things like this. Sadly, these things always seem to come when we have nothing left in the budget.


We first had to decide who was coming and who was staying (family of 5 gifted with 4 tickets). Our oldest opted to stay home and catch up on sleep, write papers for school, and just enjoy a quiet day at home. With that part figured out, next came the planning for what was going to be needed and to scope out where we were going to see the show. For most families planning for an outing like this is easy. Warm clothes, spending $$, and just go have fun. For us, it is a little more involved.

I found our seats online at the arena’s website. We are near the end of a row. This means an easy escape for us if we need to leave without causing a scene. I was advised by someone who just saw a Disney On Ice show that they were flooded with spotlights where they were seated . It was VERY bright for their little one’s eyes. So, we decided to also bring sunglasses with us in case the same thing happened to us. We also be brought ear plugs incase the iPod and headphones are not enough for her to help with the overstimulating and loud noises.

I also called the arena to see about taking snacks with us as we do not eat processed foods. I know that my kids will get hungry smelling and seeing the foods that others will be eating there. We were told that as long as we do not pack too much, we will be fine. LaraBars, granola, applesauce, and OJ was on the snack menu while sandwiches, grapes, milk and another thing of OJ were kept in a cooler in my truck for us to eat as dinner after the show.

Our seats were in the 7th row from the ice. It was PERFECT for us. We were at an angle so that we could see perfectly over the rows in front of us and still see all the details of the show. Reine handled the people working the concession popcorn and cotton candy through the arena beautifully. They are the workers that walk around with the $15 bags of popcorn and $12 bags of cotton candy on long polls. They do a lot of rather loud yelling to get the attention of the kids and parents that are in the stands waiting. I do have to say that I was very surprised to see a fully functioning bar serving hard alcohol and beer at a Disney function but it was there and parents were lined around the corner to get their drink on.

First up was Minnie, Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Reine recognized them and thought they were great. They were followed by Cars. Although Reine saw the movie once, she LOVED watching their skit on the ice.

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Next came The Little Mermaid. Although they changed the storyline, Reine could not take her eyes off and did not question why Ariel was a mermaid with 2 legs. We have tried to get her to watch the movie a couple of times and she has not shown any interest in it. This however, had her from the first ice skater. I tried her once again with the mermaid series this week. She is mesmerized. Another mermaid show / movie to add to the mermaid mix. Score!

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Tinkerbell and many of her fairy friends made their appearance after the Little Mermaid was done on the ice. It was full of movement and activity that caught her attention from the start. She recognized all the characters and was smiling through it all. They had the most props on the ice as well. For Reine, that was amazing.

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Last up was Toy Story 3. Here she seemed to really come alive. She danced and got excited by a couple of the characters in this one. There was Rex AKA just a regular T-Rex to her, Barbie and Ken who she watches on Netflix and plays with in her house, and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. There were green soldiers that “marched” and did a cadence type number. There was a lot of movement and colors that caught her attention.

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If you ask Reine for details about the show, try to have her tell you about the props used, or ask her who her favorite character was, she will only stare at you like you are speaking to her in a foreign language. Maybe you are. Although she will not be able to answer any of the questions, she would gladly introduce you to her  newest mermaid we have added to her ever growing collection of merfolk.


We truly enjoyed watching her take it all in. 

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We also shot a ton of videos that you can watch via Simplicity Redesigned on Instagram.