Go Bag

I must give credit where credit is due. This one is all my Hubby’s doing. The night he saw the “Music Therapy” in action, he told me to create a “Go Bag” and to NEVER leave home without it. The concept of this bag is similar to a purse or a child’s diaper bag. It goes with us everywhere we go and is filled with things that are geared towards Reine’s autism.

The Bag
When we first started the Go Bag, I used a Jansport backpack. Everything fit in it, but it was honestly just too much bag for us to use for this purpose. It was not easy for Reine or us to find the things we needed quickly and there was just way too much room in it as well. I decided to find something that would suit us better.

My Bday gave me the perfect excuse to shop.
Vera Bradley gave me a $20 coupon for said Bday.
The Vera Bradley Outlet store gave us the perfect bag for 70% off the original price, plus the coupon.

The bag I chose is the Backpack Tote. I looked for a bag that had separate areas for everything, but was not bulky or heavy and one that would stay on my shoulder when I needed to stay there. I do not believe in wearing a backpack on both my shoulders. I am a one shoulder backpack wearing kinda of girl.The Jansport always slid off my shoulder. I needed the weight to be as evenly distributed as possible because lets face it, I am the one carrying it along with everything else.

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The Contents
The Go Bag carries items that to us pack some serious superpowers. They are able to take a wild child that is overstimulated and help her to remain calm, relaxed, and able to enjoy the world around her. It is amazing to see her like that. What does this bag contain?

Go Bag

1. Waterproof Carrier For the iPod

I always keep a waterproof bag and a Ziplock type bag in the Go Bag. I have learned that weather can be unpredictable. If we are caught in a storm or heavier rain, we can throw the iPod into it and keep it safe and dry.

2. Liquid Timers / Glitter Wand

These things are amazing for calming her down and relaxing her. She can watch the oil as it drips various colors from one end to the other. The glitter wand is the same concept except with glitter and a hidden picture floats along the tube also. We have used these along with the music in VERY over stimulating situations with great success.

3. First Aid Kit

This one is self exclamatory. There are band aids, essential oils, paper towel discs, cotton pads, Q-Tips, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial wipes. If you have a “boo boo”, I should be able to clean it, disinfect it, and cover it up with ease.

4. Battery Charger / Power Cord For The iPod

This one also self exclamatory. If we are out and about for longer than expected and the battery is low….Yep, this is a must.

5. “Music Therapy” Items

I think you all know what these items are. iPod, headphones, armband.

Occasionally I will also bring a book and or a tablet / Kindle.

If we are going somewhere like testing or to doctor appts where you are at their mercy for however long they plan on holding hostage, I bring one of each for my 2 youngest. Tablet and Kindle are loaded with books and educational games (Gotta love homeschooling). They will trade off or share them as a way to pass the time.

I keep the contents of the Go Bag streamlined and easy. These are things that she does not get to see, play, or interact with any other time, making them special to her.

Her new favorite thing is to sit in the cart and either watch the different timers or stare at the store’s ceiling mesmerized by the piping, fans, lights, etc while listening to her music.

Reine chilling out in a shopping cart mesmerized by the ceiling of the store we were in.

Reine chilling out in a shopping cart mesmerized by the ceiling of the store we were in. Behind her is the original Go Bag that she will often use as a pillow to lean on.